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Partners and Third Wheels

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2 decembrie 2021 Premiera

Walker S02E05 – Partners and Third Wheels online subtitrat

Tensions run high when Walker and Liam investigate a cold case together. Micki, still on desk duty, is working through her grief while slowly easing her way back into the field. Trey tags along for a fishing trip and gets a lesson on love. August makes a discovery that could lead to answers about the feud between The Walkers and The Davidsons.

Walker: Sezonul 2

  1. Walker S02E01 – They Started It

    They Started It

    28 octombrie 20212x1RO
  2. Walker S02E02 – The One That Got Away

    The One That Got Away

    4 noiembrie 20212x2RO
  3. Walker S02E03 – Barn Burner

    Barn Burner

    11 noiembrie 20212x3RO
  4. Walker S02E04 – It’s Not What You Think

    It's Not What You Think

    18 noiembrie 20212x4RO
  5. Walker S02E05 – Partners and Third Wheels

    Partners and Third Wheels

    2 decembrie 20212x5RO
  6. Walker S02E06 – Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir

    9 decembrie 20212x6RO
  7. Walker S02E07 – Where Do We Go From Here

    Where Do We Go From Here

    13 ianuarie 20222x7RO
  8. Walker S02E08 – Two Points For Honesty

    Two Points For Honesty

    20 ianuarie 20222x8RO
  9. Walker S02E09 – Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch

    27 ianuarie 20222x9RO
  10. Walker S02E10 – Nudge


    3 martie 20222x10
  11. Walker S02E11 – Boundaries


    10 martie 20222x11
  12. Walker S02E12 – Common Ground

    Common Ground

    31 martie 20222x12
  13. Walker S02E13 – One Good Thing

    One Good Thing

    7 aprilie 20222x13
  14. Walker S02E14 – No Such Thing As Fair Play

    No Such Thing As Fair Play

    14 aprilie 20222x14
  15. Walker S02E15 – Bygones


    28 aprilie 20222x15
  16. Walker S02E16 – Champagne Problems

    Champagne Problems

    5 mai 20222x16

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