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Hit List

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6 martie 2022 Premiera

The Rookie S04E15 – Hit List online subtitrat

Officer Harper puts Officer Aaron through “Plain Clothes Day,” but the exercise is interrupted by an unsuspected visitor. After two witnesses for an upcoming grand jury case are murdered, the team must track down the killers before it’s too late.

The Rookie: Sezonul 4

  1. The Rookie S04E01 – Life and Death

    Life and Death

    26 septembrie 20214x1RO
  2. The Rookie S04E02 – Five Minutes

    Five Minutes

    3 octombrie 20214x2RO
  3. The Rookie S04E03 – In the Line of Fire

    In the Line of Fire

    10 octombrie 20214x3RO
  4. The Rookie S04E04 – Red Hot

    Red Hot

    17 octombrie 20214x4RO
  5. The Rookie S04E05 – A.C.H.


    31 octombrie 20214x5RO
  6. The Rookie S04E06 – Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice

    7 noiembrie 20214x6RO
  7. The Rookie S04E07 – Fire Fight

    Fire Fight

    14 noiembrie 20214x7RO
  8. The Rookie S04E08 – Hit and Run

    Hit and Run

    5 decembrie 20214x8RO
  9. The Rookie S04E09 – Breakdown


    12 decembrie 20214x9RO
  10. The Rookie S04E10 – Heart Beat

    Heart Beat

    2 ianuarie 20224x10RO
  11. The Rookie S04E11 – End Game

    End Game

    9 ianuarie 20224x11RO
  12. The Rookie S04E12 – The Knock

    The Knock

    23 ianuarie 20224x12
  13. The Rookie S04E13 – Fight or Flight

    Fight or Flight

    30 ianuarie 20224x13
  14. The Rookie S04E14 – Long Shot

    Long Shot

    27 februarie 20224x14
  15. The Rookie S04E15 – Hit List

    Hit List

    6 martie 20224x15
  16. The Rookie S04E16 – Real Crime

    Real Crime

    13 martie 20224x16
  17. The Rookie S04E17 – Coding


    3 aprilie 20224x17
  18. The Rookie S04E18 – Backstabbers


    10 aprilie 20224x18
  19. The Rookie S04E19 – Simone


    24 aprilie 20224x19
  20. The Rookie S04E20 – Enervo


    1 mai 20224x20
  21. The Rookie S04E21 – Mother’s Day

    Mother's Day

    8 mai 20224x21
  22. The Rookie S04E22 – Day in the Hole

    Day in the Hole

    15 mai 20224x22

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