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We’re Here to Change Your Life

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20 aprilie 2022 Premiera

The Marked Heart S01E09 – We’re Here to Change Your Life online subtitrat

Camila confronts Zacarías with her findings. Tomás puts Samantha at great risk. Sarmiento makes a bold move to support Cárdenas’ candidacy.

The Marked Heart: Sezonul 1

  1. The Marked Heart S01E01 – Happiness Isn’t Forever

    Happiness Isn’t Forever

    20 aprilie 20221x1RO
  2. The Marked Heart S01E02 – A Guest Inside My Body

    A Guest Inside My Body

    20 aprilie 20221x2RO
  3. The Marked Heart S01E03 – The Search

    The Search

    20 aprilie 20221x3RO
  4. The Marked Heart S01E04 – That Heart Should Never Have Been Yours

    That Heart Should Never Have Been Yours

    20 aprilie 20221x4RO
  5. The Marked Heart S01E05 – The Organization

    The Organization

    20 aprilie 20221x5RO
  6. The Marked Heart S01E06 – No Loose Ends

    No Loose Ends

    20 aprilie 20221x6RO
  7. The Marked Heart S01E07 – A Crucial Moment

    A Crucial Moment

    20 aprilie 20221x7RO
  8. The Marked Heart S01E08 – Is My Husband a Killer?

    Is My Husband a Killer?

    20 aprilie 20221x8RO
  9. The Marked Heart S01E09 – We’re Here to Change Your Life

    We’re Here to Change Your Life

    20 aprilie 20221x9RO
  10. The Marked Heart S01E10 – The Horrible Truth

    The Horrible Truth

    20 aprilie 20221x10RO
  11. The Marked Heart S01E11 – The Insider

    The Insider

    20 aprilie 20221x11RO
  12. The Marked Heart S01E12 – The Scar

    The Scar

    20 aprilie 20221x12RO
  13. The Marked Heart S01E13 – The Next Victim

    The Next Victim

    20 aprilie 20221x13RO
  14. The Marked Heart S01E14 – The Confession

    The Confession

    20 aprilie 20221x14RO

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