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The Doctor’s Orders

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6 aprilie 2022 Premiera

The Hardy Boys S02E07 – The Doctor’s Orders online subtitrat

When Dr. Burelli plans to move Dennis to another facility, Joe fears the worst and convinces Lucy, Biff and Phil to help him stop her.

The Hardy Boys: Sezonul 2

  1. The Hardy Boys S02E01 – A Disappearance

    A Disappearance

    6 aprilie 20222x1
  2. The Hardy Boys S02E02 – Conflicting Reports

    Conflicting Reports

    6 aprilie 20222x2
  3. The Hardy Boys S02E03 – The Missing Camera

    The Missing Camera

    6 aprilie 20222x3
  4. The Hardy Boys S02E04 – A Clue on Film

    A Clue on Film

    6 aprilie 20222x4
  5. The Hardy Boys S02E05 – Heading for Destruction

    Heading for Destruction

    6 aprilie 20222x5
  6. The Hardy Boys S02E06 – Hunting an Intruder

    Hunting an Intruder

    6 aprilie 20222x6
  7. The Hardy Boys S02E07 – The Doctor’s Orders

    The Doctor’s Orders

    6 aprilie 20222x7
  8. The Hardy Boys S02E08 – A Midnight Scare

    A Midnight Scare

    6 aprilie 20222x8
  9. The Hardy Boys S02E09 – Captured!


    6 aprilie 20222x9
  10. The Hardy Boys S02E10 – An Unexpected Return

    An Unexpected Return

    6 aprilie 20222x10

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