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Mrs. Winklepinkle, Substitute Teacher

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1 octombrie 2021 Premiera

Scaredy Cats S01E03 – Mrs. Winklepinkle, Substitute Teacher online subtitrat

Willa finds the courage to cast spells, resulting in a cuddly surprise… and a hairy disaster. At school, a strange substitute asks about the amulet.

Scaredy Cats: Sezonul 1

  1. Scaredy Cats S01E01 – The Amulet

    The Amulet

    1 octombrie 20211x1RO
  2. Scaredy Cats S01E02 – If the Hat Fits…

    If the Hat Fits...

    1 octombrie 20211x2RO
  3. Scaredy Cats S01E03 – Mrs. Winklepinkle, Substitute Teacher

    Mrs. Winklepinkle, Substitute Teacher

    1 octombrie 20211x3RO
  4. Scaredy Cats S01E04 – Adventures in Kittysitting

    Adventures in Kittysitting

    1 octombrie 20211x4RO
  5. Scaredy Cats S01E05 – The Upside Down Classroom

    The Upside Down Classroom

    1 octombrie 20211x5RO
  6. Scaredy Cats S01E06 – Which Witch Is Which?

    Which Witch Is Which?

    1 octombrie 20211x6RO
  7. Scaredy Cats S01E07 – Winnifred the Wise

    Winnifred the Wise

    1 octombrie 20211x7RO
  8. Scaredy Cats S01E08 – The Legend of the Witches of Winding Way

    The Legend of the Witches of Winding Way

    1 octombrie 20211x8RO
  9. Scaredy Cats S01E09 – The Halloween Howl

    The Halloween Howl

    1 octombrie 20211x9RO

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