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Gone, Baby, Gone

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15 mai 2012 Premiera

Private Practice S05E22 – Gone, Baby, Gone online subtitrat

When Amelia goes into labor, the Seaside doctors – even those she pushed away – come to her side as she faces the hardest decision of her life. Meanwhile, after Pete finds himself in life-changing trouble, he and Violet realize what they mean to one another, and Addison is faced with a choice.

Private Practice: Sezonul 5

  1. Private Practice S05E01 – God Laughs

    God Laughs

    29 septembrie 20115x1RO
  2. Private Practice S05E02 – Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the Rules

    6 octombrie 20115x2RO
  3. Private Practice S05E03 – Deal with It

    Deal with It

    13 octombrie 20115x3RO
  4. Private Practice S05E04 – Remember Me

    Remember Me

    20 octombrie 20115x4RO
  5. Private Practice S05E05 – Step One

    Step One

    27 octombrie 20115x5RO
  6. Private Practice S05E06 – If I Hadn’t Forgotten…

    If I Hadn't Forgotten...

    3 noiembrie 20115x6RO
  7. Private Practice S05E07 – Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough

    Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough

    10 noiembrie 20115x7RO
  8. Private Practice S05E08 – Who We Are

    Who We Are

    17 noiembrie 20115x8RO
  9. Private Practice S05E09 – The Breaking Point

    The Breaking Point

    17 noiembrie 20115x9RO
  10. Private Practice S05E10 – Are You My Mother?

    Are You My Mother?

    5 ianuarie 20125x10RO
  11. Private Practice S05E11 – The Standing Eight Count

    The Standing Eight Count

    12 ianuarie 20125x11RO
  12. Private Practice S05E12 – Losing Battles

    Losing Battles

    19 ianuarie 20125x12RO
  13. Private Practice S05E13 – The Time Has Come

    The Time Has Come

    2 februarie 20125x13RO
  14. Private Practice S05E14 – Too Much

    Too Much

    9 februarie 20125x14RO
  15. Private Practice S05E15 – You Break My Heart

    You Break My Heart

    16 februarie 20125x15RO
  16. Private Practice S05E16 – Andromeda


    23 februarie 20125x16RO
  17. Private Practice S05E17 – The Letting Go

    The Letting Go

    15 martie 20125x17RO
  18. Private Practice S05E18 – It Was Inevitable

    It Was Inevitable

    17 aprilie 20125x18RO
  19. Private Practice S05E19 – And Then There Was One

    And Then There Was One

    24 aprilie 20125x19RO
  20. Private Practice S05E20 – True Colors

    True Colors

    1 mai 20125x20RO
  21. Private Practice S05E21 – Drifting Back

    Drifting Back

    8 mai 20125x21RO
  22. Private Practice S05E22 – Gone, Baby, Gone

    Gone, Baby, Gone

    15 mai 20125x22RO

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