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Truth Be Told

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9 mai 2022 Premiera

New Amsterdam S04E19 – Truth Be Told online subtitrat

Max discovers a fatal flaw in Dr. Fuentes’ scheme to purchase the UMI medical clinic, which could be her ultimate undoing. Bloom treats two high school students for life-threatening injuries and uncovers a dangerous situation. Reynolds helps a brother and sister confront a family crisis.

New Amsterdam: Sezonul 4

  1. New Amsterdam S04E01 – More Joy

    More Joy

    21 septembrie 20214x1RO
  2. New Amsterdam S04E02 – Same as It Ever Was

    Same as It Ever Was

    28 septembrie 20214x2RO
  3. New Amsterdam S04E03 – Same as It Ever Was

    Same as It Ever Was

    5 octombrie 20214x3RO
  4. New Amsterdam S04E04 – Seed Money

    Seed Money

    12 octombrie 20214x4RO
  5. New Amsterdam S04E05 – This Be the Verse

    This Be the Verse

    19 octombrie 20214x5RO
  6. New Amsterdam S04E06 – Laughter and Hope and A Sock In the Eye

    Laughter and Hope and A Sock In the Eye

    26 octombrie 20214x6RO
  7. New Amsterdam S04E07 – Harmony


    2 noiembrie 20214x7RO
  8. New Amsterdam S04E08 – Paid in Full

    Paid in Full

    9 noiembrie 20214x8RO
  9. New Amsterdam S04E09 – In A Strange Land

    In A Strange Land

    16 noiembrie 20214x9RO
  10. New Amsterdam S04E10 – Death Is The Rule. Life Is The Exception

    Death Is The Rule. Life Is The Exception

    23 noiembrie 20214x10RO
  11. New Amsterdam S04E11 – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

    Talkin' Bout a Revolution

    4 ianuarie 20224x11RO
  12. New Amsterdam S04E12 – The Crossover

    The Crossover

    11 ianuarie 20224x12RO
  13. New Amsterdam S04E13 – Family


    18 ianuarie 20224x13RO
  14. New Amsterdam S04E14 – …Unto The Breach

    ...Unto The Breach

    25 ianuarie 20224x14RO
  15. New Amsterdam S04E15 – Two Doors

    Two Doors

    22 februarie 20224x15RO
  16. New Amsterdam S04E16 – All Night Long

    All Night Long

    19 aprilie 20224x16RO
  17. New Amsterdam S04E17 – Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business

    26 aprilie 20224x17RO
  18. New Amsterdam S04E18 – No Ifs, Ands Or Buts

    No Ifs, Ands Or Buts

    3 mai 20224x18RO
  19. New Amsterdam S04E19 – Truth Be Told

    Truth Be Told

    9 mai 20224x19RO
  20. New Amsterdam S04E20 – Rise


    10 mai 20224x20RO
  21. New Amsterdam S04E21 – Castles Made Of Sand

    Castles Made Of Sand

    17 mai 20224x21RO
  22. New Amsterdam S04E22 – I’ll Be Your Shelter

    I'll Be Your Shelter

    24 mai 20224x22

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