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The Ill Fate

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13 mai 2017 Premiera

Chicago Typewriter S01E10 – The Ill Fate online subtitrat

Jin Oh gets amazed at how much Seoul has changed and asks Se Ju to go on a tour around the city. They bring Seol along with them. When Jin Oh sees that Seoul has finally gained the independence he longed for, he wishes to live his youth again in 2017. Meanwhile, Do Ha tells Tae Min that Se Ju has the original copy of “Fate”. Do Ha suggests Tae Min to start anew, but Tae Min refuses.

Chicago Typewriter: Sezonul 1

  1. Chicago Typewriter S01E01 – Mysterious Package

    Mysterious Package

    7 aprilie 20171x1
  2. Chicago Typewriter S01E02 – Feeling the Past

    Feeling the Past

    8 aprilie 20171x2
  3. Chicago Typewriter S01E03 – Just a Dream?

    Just a Dream?

    14 aprilie 20171x3
  4. Chicago Typewriter S01E04 – Ghost Writer

    Ghost Writer

    15 aprilie 20171x4
  5. Chicago Typewriter S01E05 – A Ghost Writer

    A Ghost Writer

    21 aprilie 20171x5
  6. Chicago Typewriter S01E06 – The Words Perhaps I Want to Hear the Most

    The Words Perhaps I Want to Hear the Most

    22 aprilie 20171x6
  7. Chicago Typewriter S01E07 – One Condition

    One Condition

    29 aprilie 20171x7
  8. Chicago Typewriter S01E08 – The Contract

    The Contract

    29 aprilie 20171x8
  9. Chicago Typewriter S01E09 – The New Novel

    The New Novel

    12 mai 20171x9
  10. Chicago Typewriter S01E10 – The Ill Fate

    The Ill Fate

    13 mai 20171x10
  11. Chicago Typewriter S01E11 – The Accident

    The Accident

    19 mai 20171x11
  12. Chicago Typewriter S01E12 – I Can See You

    I Can See You

    20 mai 20171x12
  13. Chicago Typewriter S01E13 – The Secret Agent

    The Secret Agent

    26 mai 20171x13
  14. Chicago Typewriter S01E14 – The Mission

    The Mission

    27 mai 20171x14
  15. Chicago Typewriter S01E15 – The Separate Ways

    The Separate Ways

    2 iunie 20171x15
  16. Chicago Typewriter S01E16 – The End and Beginning

    The End and Beginning

    3 iunie 20171x16

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