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Halfway to the Moon

Chicago FireVizioneaza
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11 mai 2022 Premiera

Chicago Fire S10E20 – Halfway to the Moon online subtitrat

A family friend asks Herrmann for some advice on opening a bar. Tensions run high between Emma and Violet. Kidd struggles to keep her team together.

Chicago Fire: Sezonul 10

  1. Chicago Fire S10E01 – Mayday


    22 septembrie 202110x1RO
  2. Chicago Fire S10E02 – Head Count

    Head Count

    29 septembrie 202110x2RO
  3. Chicago Fire S10E03 – Counting Your Breaths

    Counting Your Breaths

    6 octombrie 202110x3RO
  4. Chicago Fire S10E04 – The Right Thing

    The Right Thing

    13 octombrie 202110x4RO
  5. Chicago Fire S10E05 – Two Hundred

    Two Hundred

    20 octombrie 202110x5RO
  6. Chicago Fire S10E06 – Dead Zone

    Dead Zone

    27 octombrie 202110x6RO
  7. Chicago Fire S10E07 – Whom Shall I Fear?

    Whom Shall I Fear?

    3 noiembrie 202110x7RO
  8. Chicago Fire S10E08 – What Happened At Whiskey Point?

    What Happened At Whiskey Point?

    10 noiembrie 202110x8RO
  9. Chicago Fire S10E09 – Winterfest


    8 decembrie 202110x9RO
  10. Chicago Fire S10E10 – Back with a Bang

    Back with a Bang

    5 ianuarie 202210x10RO
  11. Chicago Fire S10E11 – Fog of War

    Fog of War

    12 ianuarie 202210x11RO
  12. Chicago Fire S10E12 – Show of Force

    Show of Force

    19 ianuarie 202210x12RO
  13. Chicago Fire S10E13 – Fire Cop

    Fire Cop

    23 februarie 202210x13RO
  14. Chicago Fire S10E14 – An Officer With Grit

    An Officer With Grit

    2 martie 202210x14RO
  15. Chicago Fire S10E15 – The Missing Piece

    The Missing Piece

    9 martie 202210x15RO
  16. Chicago Fire S10E16 – Hot and Fast

    Hot and Fast

    16 martie 202210x16RO
  17. Chicago Fire S10E17 – Keep You Safe

    Keep You Safe

    6 aprilie 202210x17RO
  18. Chicago Fire S10E18 – What’s Inside You

    What’s Inside You

    13 aprilie 202210x18RO
  19. Chicago Fire S10E19 – Finish What You Started

    Finish What You Started

    20 aprilie 202210x19RO
  20. Chicago Fire S10E20 – Halfway to the Moon

    Halfway to the Moon

    11 mai 202210x20
  21. Chicago Fire S10E21 – Last Chance

    Last Chance

    18 mai 202210x21
  22. Chicago Fire S10E22 – The Magnificent City of Chicago

    The Magnificent City of Chicago

    25 mai 202210x22

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