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Paid in Full

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8 mai 2011 Premiera

Breakout Kings S01E10 – Paid in Full online subtitrat

A notorious contract killer escapes from the prison to carry out some unfinished business. As he is offing people left and right, the Breakout Kings must try to figure out the connection between his victims, catch him and lock him back up before he can kill again. The common thread between all of his victims was involvement in a tragic story involving the rape of a young female college student 5 years earlier, who’s father happens to be a guard at the prison from where he escaped.

Breakout Kings: Sezonul 1

  1. Breakout Kings S01E01 – Pilot (There are Rules)

    Pilot (There are Rules)

    6 martie 20111x1RO
  2. Breakout Kings S01E02 – Collected


    13 martie 20111x2RO
  3. Breakout Kings S01E03 – The Bag Man

    The Bag Man

    20 martie 20111x3RO
  4. Breakout Kings S01E04 – Out of the Mouths of Babes

    Out of the Mouths of Babes

    27 martie 20111x4RO
  5. Breakout Kings S01E05 – Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts

    3 aprilie 20111x5RO
  6. Breakout Kings S01E06 – Like Father, Like Son

    Like Father, Like Son

    10 aprilie 20111x6RO
  7. Breakout Kings S01E07 – Fun with Chemistry

    Fun with Chemistry

    17 aprilie 20111x7RO
  8. Breakout Kings S01E08 – Steaks


    24 aprilie 20111x8RO
  9. Breakout Kings S01E09 – One for the Money

    One for the Money

    1 mai 20111x9RO
  10. Breakout Kings S01E10 – Paid in Full

    Paid in Full

    8 mai 20111x10RO
  11. Breakout Kings S01E11 – Off the Beaten Path

    Off the Beaten Path

    15 mai 20111x11RO
  12. Breakout Kings S01E12 – There are Rules

    There are Rules

    22 mai 20111x12RO
  13. Breakout Kings S01E13 – Where in the World is Carmen Vega

    Where in the World is Carmen Vega

    30 mai 20111x13RO

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