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Wrangling a Greased Pig

Bob Hearts AbisholaVizioneaza
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9 mai 2022 Premiera

Bob Hearts Abishola S03E20 – Wrangling a Greased Pig online subtitrat

When Abishola brings Dele to work with her at the hospital, she discovers that her dream of him becoming a doctor might not become a reality; Kemi and Chukwuemeka’s mothers bond when Ogechi slips in the bathtub.

Bob Hearts Abishola: Sezonul 3

  1. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E01 – Welcome to Lagos

    Welcome to Lagos

    20 septembrie 20213x1
  2. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E02 – Bowango


    27 septembrie 20213x2
  3. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E03 – Dud


    4 octombrie 20213x3
  4. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E04 – Old Strokey

    Old Strokey

    11 octombrie 20213x4
  5. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E05 – Greasy Bage of Honor

    Greasy Bage of Honor

    18 octombrie 20213x5
  6. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E06 – The Devil's Throuple

    The Devil's Throuple

    1 noiembrie 20213x6
  7. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E07 – Fumble in the Dark

    Fumble in the Dark

    8 noiembrie 20213x7
  8. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E08 – Light Duty

    Light Duty

    29 noiembrie 20213x8
  9. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E09 – I’m Not Edsel

    I'm Not Edsel

    6 decembrie 20213x9
  10. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E10 – Tunde123


    3 ianuarie 20223x10
  11. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E11 – Cats in a Bathtub

    Cats in a Bathtub

    17 ianuarie 20223x11
  12. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E12 – Your Beans are Flatlining

    Your Beans are Flatlining

    24 ianuarie 20223x12
  13. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E13 – One Man, No Baby

    One Man, No Baby

    28 februarie 20223x13
  14. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E14 – Every Subpoena is a Tiny Hug

    Every Subpoena is a Tiny Hug

    7 martie 20223x14
  15. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E15 – Compress to Impress

    Compress to Impress

    14 martie 20223x15
  16. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E16 – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    21 martie 20223x16
  17. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E17 – Inappropriate Nakedness

    Inappropriate Nakedness

    28 martie 20223x17
  18. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E18 – Greasy Underdog

    Greasy Underdog

    18 aprilie 20223x18
  19. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E19 – Who Raised You

    Who Raised You

    2 mai 20223x19
  20. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E20 – Wrangling a Greased Pig

    Wrangling a Greased Pig

    9 mai 20223x20
  21. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E21 – A Little Slap and Tickle

    A Little Slap and Tickle

    16 mai 20223x21
  22. Bob Hearts Abishola S03E22 – Beard In Her Pulpit

    Beard In Her Pulpit

    23 mai 20223x22

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