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Jung Woo Following Kids

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29 decembrie 2020 Premiera

Awaken S01E10 – Jung Woo Following Kids online subtitrat

Jung Woo witnesses that a group of children is forced to get in a black van in front of Seoul Hangang Welfare Center and taken to somewhere, and he starts to follow the van. At the same time, Hye Won, who’s suspicious of his father, keeps tailing him. Meanwhile, Lee Tae Soo jumps off his office building when Jamie and her colleagues visit there.

Awaken: Sezonul 1

  1. Awaken S01E01 – The Forewarned Murders

    The Forewarned Murders

    30 noiembrie 20201x1RO
  2. Awaken S01E02 – The Smiles

    The Smiles

    1 decembrie 20201x2RO
  3. Awaken S01E03 – The Survivors

    The Survivors

    7 decembrie 20201x3RO
  4. Awaken S01E04 – The Fire

    The Fire

    8 decembrie 20201x4RO
  5. Awaken S01E05 – The Safe

    The Safe

    14 decembrie 20201x5RO
  6. Awaken S01E06 – The Mutants

    The Mutants

    15 decembrie 20201x6RO
  7. Awaken S01E07 – Jung Woo Being Chased

    Jung Woo Being Chased

    21 decembrie 20201x7RO
  8. Awaken S01E08 – Secret Lab

    Secret Lab

    22 decembrie 20201x8RO
  9. Awaken S01E09 – Kids Adopted

    Kids Adopted

    28 decembrie 20201x9RO
  10. Awaken S01E10 – Jung Woo Following Kids

    Jung Woo Following Kids

    29 decembrie 20201x10RO
  11. Awaken S01E11 – New Warning

    New Warning

    4 ianuarie 20211x11RO
  12. Awaken S01E12 – The Reunion

    The Reunion

    5 ianuarie 20211x12RO
  13. Awaken S01E13 – The Secret Lab

    The Secret Lab

    11 ianuarie 20211x13RO
  14. Awaken S01E14 – Jung Woo in Secret Lab

    Jung Woo in Secret Lab

    12 ianuarie 20211x14RO
  15. Awaken S01E15 – Reunion with Mother

    Reunion with Mother

    18 ianuarie 20211x15RO
  16. Awaken S01E16 – Mother and Son

    Mother and Son

    19 ianuarie 20211x16RO

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