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The Rabbit Never Escapes

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23 octombrie 2013 Premiera

Ambassadors S01E01 – The Rabbit Never Escapes online subtitrat

Keith Davis is the inept British ambassador in the Asian state of Tazbekistan, a country whose human rights record is as dire as its national dish, plov, which is all Neil’s snooty wife Jennifer seems to get. Attempting to secure an order for British helicopters from the president Keith starts badly by shooting an ibex, the national animal of the country, though he manages to blame the French ambassador. Keith’s capable deputy Neil Tilly and his assistant Caitlin are more concerned with securing the release of activist Simon Broughton from prison. Neil is approached by a national who blackmails him with incriminating photos into „helping us”, though Simon is released. Keith organizes a British evening to impress the president, including arrogant actor Stephen Pembridge performing a one man show of Frankenstein, Morris dancers and a chutney-making demonstration. In the event the contract goes to the French, who have brought in a cabinet minister to stress the importance of the transaction.

– Written by don @ minifie-1

Ambassadors: Sezonul 1

  1. Ambassadors S01E01 – The Rabbit Never Escapes

    The Rabbit Never Escapes

    23 octombrie 20131x1RO
  2. Ambassadors S01E02 – The Prince’s Trousers

    The Prince's Trousers

    30 octombrie 20131x2RO
  3. Ambassadors S01E03 – The Tazbek Spring

    The Tazbek Spring

    6 noiembrie 20131x3RO

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