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Ordinary People

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25 aprilie 2022 Premiera

All American: Homecoming S01E09 – Ordinary People online subtitrat

Simone and the gang rally around Amara as she struggles with what to do next as new information comes to light. Coach Marcus is excited about the all-HBCU baseball game he put together until an old teammate stirs up bad memories that could possibly derail everything. As Damon, JR and the team are focused on the game, they are faced with some challenging guests and new adversaries. Thea has a close call with danger which costs her one relationship and brings a potential new one into her life. Meanwhile, Simone struggles to explain to Jordan her friendship „break-up” with Damon.

All American: Homecoming: Sezonul 1

  1. All American: Homecoming S01E01 – Start Over

    Start Over

    21 februarie 20221x1RO
  2. All American: Homecoming S01E02 – Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

    28 februarie 20221x2RO
  3. All American: Homecoming S01E03 – Love and War

    Love and War

    7 martie 20221x3RO
  4. All American: Homecoming S01E04 – If Only You Knew

    If Only You Knew

    14 martie 20221x4RO
  5. All American: Homecoming S01E05 – Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    21 martie 20221x5RO
  6. All American: Homecoming S01E06 – Family Affair

    Family Affair

    28 martie 20221x6RO
  7. All American: Homecoming S01E07 – Godspeed


    11 aprilie 20221x7RO
  8. All American: Homecoming S01E08 – Ordinary People

    Ordinary People

    18 aprilie 20221x8RO
  9. All American: Homecoming S01E09 – Ordinary People

    Ordinary People

    25 aprilie 20221x9RO
  10. All American: Homecoming S01E10 – Move On

    Move On

    2 mai 20221x10RO
  11. All American: Homecoming S01E11 – What Now?

    What Now?

    9 mai 20221x11RO
  12. All American: Homecoming S01E12 – Confessions


    16 mai 20221x12RO
  13. All American: Homecoming S01E13 – Irreplaceable


    23 mai 20221x13RO

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